"Youngsters can have a good time using the magical skills they acquire to battle the forces of evil before eventually triumphing in this swashbuckling adventure." - Ottawa Citizen

"For younger readers, it is very much recommended, and will certainly keep them interested. It's very good for older readers, too." - Dead Trees Review

"It is a landmark in Canadian literature, and as an aspiring Canadian novelist, it always gives me great pleasure to see these types of novels on the rise. The story was ingenious and engaging, and full of twists and turns, and, as such, I believe that you deserve considerable applause. I await your future installments with great expectations, I'm sure taht there are many great stories to be told from your imagination."- Curtis Runstedler, Reader

"Petrified World would appeal to the reader who enjoys a tale of magic and adventure and is in a format is similar to some role-playing video games. The story is of necessity fairly fast moving with some sections very brief at a half page." - Ronald Hore, CM Magazine

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